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China launches new communication satelliteChina on Wednesday put a new communication satellite into orbit from the southwestern Xichang Satellite Launch Center.The "ChinaSat 2C" satellite was carried by the Long March-3B carrier rocket. It will provide radio, TV transmission and broadband services for the country's radio stations, TV stations, radio transmitting stations and cable networks, Xinhua news agency reported.
China launches new mapping satelliteChina has successfully launched a mapping satellite into the orbit, it was reported on Tuesday. The Tianhui-1C was launched on Monday from the Jiuquan satellite launch centre in Gansu province, the Global Times reported. Designed by a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASTC), Tianhui-1C is the third satellite in the Tianhui-1 series. It will be used for scientific experiments, land resource surveys, mapping, crop yield estimation and disaster relief.