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5 cups of coffee daily may keep liver cancer at bay Cup of coffee Drinking up to five cups of coffee a day may halve the risk of developing the most common form of primary liver cancer.Read More
Your belly fat may up risk of cancer Belly Fat Besides high body mass index (BMI), individuals with increased belly fat may be at a greater risk of developing cancer, including of the breast and bowel, especially in older adults.Read More
Drinking coffee can halve prostate cancer risk Coffee Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day may reduce prostate cancer risk by more than 50 per cent, show results of a study on 7,000 Italian men.Read More
When Taylor Swift almost cancelled '1989' tour
Simple breath test to detect stomach cancer in a jiffy

Eva Mendes posts first selfie to fight cancerThe actress posted her very first selfie on Instagram, and for a very good cause. With the snap, Eva wants to raise awareness for a 17-month-old boy, named Andrew, who is battling neuroblastoma.
Two-thirds of cancer cases due to bad luck: Study