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Hollywood turns you into Narcissist: Chris HemsworthActor Chris Hemsworth shared that Hollywood is set up to turn a person into a complete narcissist.The "Into the Heart of the Sea" actor spoke about the importance of staying grounded in the industry, in an interview to Vanity Fair magazine, reports
A device that turns breath into wordsScientists, including an Indian-origin doctor, have developed a new device that gives words to the thoughts of severe paralysis victims by analysing and interpreting their breathing patterns.
VHP yatra: Ayodhya turns into fortress, 350 arrested in Uttar PradeshThe Vishwa Hindu Parishad says it will begin its 300-km-long parikrama or religious procession around Ayodhya, banned by the Uttar Pradesh government, at 10 tomorrow morning, with a puja on the ghats of the Saryu river in the  town#