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'Artificially sweetened sodas, aerated drinks lead to infertility' Artificially sweetened sodas With sedentary lifestyle being one of the biggest reasons causing infertility, doctors say consumption of artificially sweetened sodas and aerated drinks may also lead to infertility in humans.
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New technology can make robots walk and run like humansA team of researchers from the US and Germany has now found a way to make robots walk and run just as we do, thereby opening the doors for them to be deployed in the armed forces and in other services in the future. "We have basically demonstrated the fundamental science of how humans walk," said one of the researchers Jonathan Hurst, professor Oregon State University (OSU) in the US.
Refueling on Moon best shot to take humans to MarsAs the world anxiously awaits for the first human mission to Mars, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a model that suggests refueling on the moon on way to Red Planet will minimise the mass and streamline cargo by 68 percent.