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UiTV Connect

United Indians Television [UiTV] is a global Internet Television network.
UiTV aims to inform, educate, entertain and connect the 30 million people of Indian origin living around the world with the 1.2 billion people in India. UiTV intends to create a long lasting and powerful global community where the audience are active participants. At UITV, users can watch various channels and socialise, network and even do business through the ten exclusive channels [News, Sports, Culture & Art, Music, Movies, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business-to-Business, Travel and UITV Link - the Social Network Channel]. As a media entertainment business, UiTV has been created to fill a gap in the worldwide market for Indian centric entertainment and social interaction online.
UiTV’s business channel is offering a platform where buyers and sellers can communicate, collaborate and make business deals.

UiTV has created a “space” filled with features that allow members to share business values, …