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Finding Fanny Beats Creature 3D | Opening Weekend Collection

Finding Fanny is steady on its way to success. The film has managed to earn a decent amount at the box office whereas Creature lags behind in the race of business. Watch the video to know the opening weekend collections of both the movies.
            Bipasha wants to work with Honey SinghSeems actress Bipasha Basu is smitten by rapper-singer Honey Singh's magic so much that she wants to work with him.
                  Vikram Bhatt has faith in BipashaBipasha Basu's career wasn't going great guns when Vikram Bhatt cast her for his new movie 'Creature 3D'. But the director, who has earlier worked with her on 'Raaz', says it's all a matter of trust.
                    Bipasha Basu's skirt too short to handleWatch this video to witness the oops moment of Bipasha Basu at the trailer launch event of her upcoming movie 'Creature'