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Aamir Khan Says, Jai Ho Ho Jaye!Aamir Khan has begun promoring his best friend Salman Khan's upcoming movie Jai Ho. Watch the video to know more.#
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says EU Summit -Door to Ukraine is still open The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said the door is still open for Ukraine to sign a deal on closer integration with  the EU, at a summit taking place in Vilnius in Lithuania.#
Anna Hazare says Arvind Kejriwal an honest manAnna Hazare says Arvind Kejriwal an honest man .  The 76-year-old activist Anna Hazare also said  he never said anything bad about him#
Narendra Modi says CBI and Indian Mujahideen used as political tools The BJP's prime ministerial candidate said CBI and Indian Mujahideen used as political tools against him during election rallies speech.#
Narendra Modi says no alternative to good governanceGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today address through video conferencing the global emerging markets forum of USA. He said there is no alternative to good governance.
Indian people want development and they are not going to be fooled any more .Video # After watching Farhan's Bhag Milkha Bhag, Vidya became his big fan. And now Vidya feels happy to work with her favorite actor in Shaadi ke side effects.
Watch the video to know more#
New Harry Potter Movie "Extension Of Wizarding World", Says J.K.Rowling DETAILS
World of Harry Potter returns on big screen. Check out what J.K. Rowling has to say about it in this video.#