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Greek parliament votes for Alexis Tsipras governmentThe Greek parliament passed a vote of confidence in favour of the second government of Alexis Tsipras after a three-day debate on a programme that focused on completing the bailout, debt-restructuring and return to growth and social cohesion.
Government to Improve its Response to YouthSuicide: PM Speaking at the opening of the Principals Association Conference, Prime Minister Feank Bainimarama spoke at length about our need to respond decisively to the problem of suicides.
Turkish PM to form interim government for snap pollsTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday gave mandate to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to form a caretaker government to lead the country to a new election, the presidency office said in a statement.

Guyana government refusing to pay CPL $500,000

Guyana government refusing to pay CPL $500,000ht
Australia unveils new emissions cut target
South Korea planning 200,000 new jobs by 2017
Nepal announces its annual budget
Government releases new policies and programs, senior citizens and women to be benefitted
          Kareena speaks on Saif’s Padma Shri controversySaif Ali Khan's Padma Shri award is safe with him after the government issued a letter stating that it would not be revoked. Kareena Kapoor speaks on the matter.
US government may change spying policy US  government may  change spying policy after report aired that the National Security Agency was monitoring German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone calls. This have  angered international community abroad.#
Barack Obama implores Republicans to end government shutdown

 During his weekly video address, Barack Obama criticises the Republicans' role in bringing about the government shutdown. He reads letters from people who have been  affected by the loss of government services, which have been closed for five days on Saturday. Both Democrats and Republicans have refused to budge on their positions to bring the shutdown to an end .#