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NASA's Cassini captures Saturn moon Enceladus up closeFollowing a successful close flyby of Saturn's icy, geologically active moon Enceladus onWednesday, NASA'sCassini spacecraft has begun transmitting its latest images.During the dramatic flyby of Enceladus, a prime target for future exploration in search of habitable environments beyond ourhome planet, the probe passed about 49 kilometres above the moon's south polar region.
UC Browser captures 50 percent market shareAlibaba-backed mobile browser, UC Browser, has said it has now captured over 50 percent market share in the country as of September 2015, according to data compiled by web traffic analysis tool Statcounter.
NASA's new Horizons probe captures blue skies on PlutoIn a significant find, the first colour images of Pluto’s atmospheric hazes taken by NASA's New Horizons probe reveal that the hazes are strikingly blue like the blue sky we see on Earth. The spacecraft has also detected numerous small, exposed regions of water ice on Pluto.
Curiosity rover captures petrified sand dunes on MarsNASA's Curiosity rover has captured large-scale inclined bedding structures on Mars - characteristic of deposits that formed as sand dunes and then cemented into rock.