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Seychelles Company finds sustainable way to eliminate waste and bring in revenueAs consumers when buying products made of plastics, we very often think about what the cost in terms of resources used to make these products and the dangers they represent in our natural environment as they are not biodegradable.
Lily James, Richard Madden brings Cinderella to LondonThe London Premiere of the movie Cinderella opened with glamorous celebrities and cast of the film. Richard Madden and Lily James talk about their characters as the Prince and Cinderella.
Rahul Gandhi at UP rally-ask your UP govt to bring Bangalore to BundelkhandRahul Gandhi at UP rally ask gathering to ask your UP govt to bring Bangalore to Bundelkhand. He means to say  Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh one of the poorest in the country It should be made as developed as Bangalore.#