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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his goverment can't deny previous governments' contribution to developmentPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said previous governments cannot be denied their contribution in the country's development.Modi said India was not made by 'maharajas' (kings) but the common people and all the governments.
Google closes development centre in St. PetersburgGoogle has announced the closure of its development centre in St. Petersburg following a tightening of Russian regulatory procedures.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says development our sole aim Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said development was the sole aim of his government.
India hails ambitious development agenda adopted by UN General AssemblyThe UN General Assembly has adopted an ambitious 17-point agenda stretching over the next 15 years for eradicating poverty and promoting global development that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called a "paradigm shift" in approaches to eradicating inequality.