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Taylor Swift walks BACKWARDS to avoid PaparazziTaylor Swift attempts to avoid paparazzi by walking BACKWARDS in this bizarre video. 
AIB Knockout Controversy | Karan Johar Avoids MediaWatch how Karan Johar avoids answering about AIB Knockout Controversy while walking out of Zoya Akhtar's party in this video.
Anushka Sharma Avoids Talking About Virat Kohli | NH10 Trailer LaunchWhy does Anushka Sharma avoid talking about Virat Kohli? Find out by watching this video.
Cameron: Any Syria action must be specific, avoid wider warAfter he recalled parliament to debate Britain's response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that any military action against Syria must be specific and not entail being dragged into a wider Middle East conflict. #