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Getting more sleep, drinking coffee may help ease pain Drinking coffee Rather than taking painkillers, patients with chronic pain might benefit from better sleeping habits coupled with daytime alertness-promoting agents such as coffee.Read More
Karlie Kloss 'spoils' herself with sleepFormer Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss says her "favourite indulgence" is to take a day off from her hectic schedule and lounge around in bed. 
Katie Holmes chooses sleep over makeupActress Katie Holmes says she would rather sleep than spend time doing her makeup.The “Miss Meadows” star confessed she has developed a quick and easy beauty regime because she prefers to stay in bed in the morning.
Emma Stone won't miss out on sleep for Oscars Actress Emma Stone, who is in the race to grab an Oscar for her performance in movie "Birdman", says she is concentrating on getting enough sleep before the big night.
       Salman Khan Would Like To Sleep With Karan Johar