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UiTV Travel, Mauritius

Regardless of what you are marketing today the internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity. But the way people now access the internet has changed and so has the way people use the internet. It has become a hive of user interactivity and an evergrowing forum for Business on a global scale like never seen before.
UITV is embracing the fast paced change and is making the technology available on one easy to use platform. UITV stands for United Indians Television, the global full-screen high definition Internet Television network.
Video streamed through ten individual channels is the centre of the UITV content. UITV consists of ten independent channels:
  • News
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Culture & Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Business

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Social Networkin
Please find attached a document entitled “Become a part of UITV” - This explains our global marketing strategy and how it will benefit to your organisation.

In a recession,consumers are wary about spending their money on holidays including travel. However it is vital for travel, tourist organisations and hotels to continue to market their services in order to receive repeat business and attract new visitors. At UITV we are keen to promote your organisations because we believe that Mauritius has plenty to offer to tourists from Europe, Russia, India, China, Africa and the Middle East. We are also also concentrating on the disaspora market including the first, second and third generation who are keen to visit their parents countries. These new disaspora tourists are keen to use hotels, hire cars and also participate in various cultural events. Our plan is to promote and to target new visitors to your organisations.
We are certain that this segment has a good potential for your business and we would request you to check us online and get in touch with us to discuss a business partnership for our mutual benefit. We have very good introductory incentives and there is no doubt that we can help you to target a market segment with immense potential.
There are more than 250000 first, second and third generations expatriate Mauritians living in Europe.
Our UITV market research has indicated that these expat Mauritians are very keen and eager to connect with their country of heritage. They want to invest in Mauritius, open bank accounts, buy properties, use the hotel facilities for holidays, weddings and conferences and do import and export business. We believe Mauritius must take the initiative because the assets of these 250000 expats Mauritians would benefit Mauritius immensely. In addition to that, uitv is a global entity with global links and we will also connect you with our worldwide database of buyers, sellers and users.
We do hope our proposal is of interest to you and we would appreciate to hear from you.
We are focused on connecting People, Organisations and Businesses. At UITV we are interested in your growth. No matter how big or small your business is, we care and will do our very best to help you increase your revenues. We will work together with you to promote and increase your exposure to a global market. We will also introduce your organisation to our social media thus introducing your entity to a new potential market which all global companies are now considering or are already part of.
Should you have any queries about this proposal, one of our Management staff from London will be in touch with you shortly.

Vedan Choolun
Chairman, United Indians Television (UiTV)
Tel: +44 20 7193 7153

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